just me. :/

I have honestly given up on this blog, but i’ll keep writting in the hope nobody shall read this. Today I have the wonderful experience of reading Of mice and Men I have read the book but as I have a English lit GCSE coming up I thought it might be a good idea to start reading it… possibly not getting very far as currently im on tumblr and youtube.

wooo it’s the Christmas holidays, I love christmas but I’m always alone at christmas for instance at the moment im home alone until the 26th what a holiday! I wish I could clone myself I think I have pretty interesting/boring/odd convo’s that only myself seems to enjoy as you can imagine being home alone means I end up talking to myself more than a normal person as they say first signs of maddness. Another thing I’ve noticed is we dont have very many crimbo cards either we’re very unpopular or people have become ‘recession’ hit (tight asses) tbh we’ve not sent any maybe it’s more give and recieve this year…

anyways Over and out… boredboredboredboredbored


In an atempt to attract people to this meanless blog, im trying to type at least one thingy a day or more.

Today was average to be honest, assembly most pointless waste of a half hour EVER! but hey its better than form, than history were my teacher sang an odd song can’t remember it though twas funny you have to love her she tells us meanless facts about her life for instance her buying a freezer and it not work shouldnt we be learning about Krushchev?! after that was RE I dont learn anything in RE anymore I’ve had enough of it now, I believe what I believe and I have a basic understanding into other religions enough not to discriminate or join the KKK ;) the school has officially not failed in that department :D after was math yay my only subject I actually like not because im a boff but because my Math teacher is amazing the incredible mr brown quote of the day from him ” Tyler you only have two modes, go slow and stop!” you can’t help but laugh. then science wooo with Mr anslow and his vest sweaters bless, he’s like a mini newton just not as smart, otherwise he wouldnt be working in a school, and those sweater vests <3

today has been very unpreductive I watched Charlie st cloud, “goodbye sam” :’( :’( im sure the sams always die…

anyways peace out I need to get out of my school uniform clean the kitchen and look as if iv’e done something for the last four hours :D

peace peace peace! xxxxxxxxxx

Im so tired…

I dont even have kids, it’s really irritating concidering im pretty young I cant even make it up until 9!, I should mention my dog persists to piss in the middle of the night at 1:40 am and if I don’t let him out he makes this annoying broken fridge sounds, I love him to pieces but I need my sleep :L

I counted how many times he peed today, as I mentioned I have no life :) …

15 15 15 fifteen times its not even that late, hes so small and he had 2 walks this isnt including his walking pees and poos, I think we need to go and see a vet for an over priced check up

 well it’s dinner now that turned into a rant. I should mention my lowest isnt a C it’s a D in spanish I hate spanish, im crying about think of having it tomorrow! :’( :’(

I HATE SPANISH-only because im not very good at speaking laugages the country and the people are amazing! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

results day!

Ahh the internet broke yesterday :’(, I didn’t have anything to do, did make me realise that I need to get more of a life away from the internet.

well my day so far has gone a ok- although results day :L, my mum is intense so I “forgot” to mention to her it was results day.. well the only good thing is, I cant spell the alphebet with my grades :D my lowest is a C few should mention my highest is a B.. 

:’( as im off to college next year I wanted to loose a bit of weight but I just ate about 20 maryland biccy’s over the period of 2 days.. is that good or bad? in my experience its bad, i’ll probably be really spotty for the next couple days maybe i’ll even get called spotty dotty. ahh well

that’s all I gotta say

peace out, im urban dictionarying while I make myself more fat with maryland biccy’s :D xxx



This was pretty cute, if only it had of been in focus :L

This was pretty cute, if only it had of been in focus :L


As I write this its 10:26 I’m still not dressed and im listening to Stacy’s mom by Fountains of wayne. I’m doing this blog so I can organise my thoughts, currently there in organised mess basically Limbo. Air guitar is happening already, I should get dressed well if you read this your totally awesome if you don’t meh im not gonna no. Here is seening you kid.